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About Me

Currently I am in my final year of an Undergraduate course on Screenwriting (BAhons)​ and plan to move on next year to a Film production or another Screenwriting Postgraduate degree.

I've been interested in screenwriting for a number of years now and new concepts and ideas for stories are constantly circulating in my head. I always make sure I finish every story that I need to finish writing and always make sure it is up to the best standard.

I have split the portfolio section of this website into genres, due to the fact that many genres interest me and due to me being fairly new to the world of professional screenwriting, I am still in the process of finding my genre to settle down into.

This portfolio contains all the previous works I have written and ideas/ concepts I have finalised to a point where they can start to be written. All Screenplays on the portfolio are merely previews. 


The Less Formal Bits

But writing doesn't have to be where it ends. In recent years I have developed an interest and gaining skill in editing (premiere pro).

My love for film came from many different places, there isn't really one single film I can pin it all down on, rather a whole collection of many. As a young kid the first interaction with film i remember is watching and re-watching and re-watching again the original Star Wars films on a VHS box set my dad owned. Later on I'd find myself fascinated by other franchise such as Transformers and Marvel and would find myself making up stories about events that would happen in those worlds. As i got older, this turned into making my own original stories.

My love for TV is a lot easier to pin down on the other hand, in fact i still remember watching the show that inspired for the first time back in 2006. I recall walking down the stairs and into the living room where I saw my dad sat on the sofa watching the werewolf episode of the second season of the revival of Doctor Who. I remember sitting in the arm chair in the left of the room and just watching the screen, even though a few weeks prior to this, it was the mention of this very same werewolf  that had caused me to have several nightmares. It was this show that made me fall in love with writing, the idea that I could create my own worlds and have all these different massive events happen and create all these interesting characters, was really the thing that captivated me  

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